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There are basic reasons why the Pro golfers hit the ball so far and strength is only one of the reasons.








Tempo and rhythm are two very important factors in gaining distance

A consistant swing speed ( tempo ) and and athletic ( rhythm ) swing will allways get you more distance and accuracy then a hard thrash at the ball.


The best golf swings follow a consistant pattern that result in a very ballanced and smooth swing.


The idea in the swing is not to hit at the ball but to mearly swing freely through the area the ball lies in .





The amount of time it takes to complete the entire swing from setup to follow through.

This amount of time needs to be consistantly the same in order to begin controlling golf shots, if the tempo is inconsistant than the shots will continue to react differently even if you feel you have swung the club the same way.



Address the ball , bend slightly at the waist and the arms hang down naturally with about the distance of a balled up fist between your hands and midsection .

This spine angle must be held consistant through out he backswing untill just after contack with the ball .

Changing this spine angle prior to contact will have a great effect on ball trajectory.



I feel rhythm and tempo are very close to the same thing but slightly different.

Smooth rhythm in the golf swing is a loose free wheeling athletic swing movement as opposed to a mechanically guided club.

Once the backswing is started we must avoid trying to steer the club back and forth to get back to contact. 




For beginning golfers the equipment is less important then developing the basic fundamentals  of the golf swing . Once you have controlled the fundamentals the equipment becomes very important.


The shaft of the club is a great factor in in determining the trajectory of the ball flight. Your local club Pro will assist you in deciding what is the best flex shaft for your swing speed and type of shot you desire to hit.


The flex of the shaft and kick point weigh heavy on the shot.



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