Distance in golf is critical , be it from the drive off the tee or the approach shot from the fairway or rought or a simple pitch or putt .

A very free flowing swing not hampered by any tension will generate the most consistent swing and reliable distance .

Also it is imperitive that you know and understand the different distances that you hit each of your clubs.

A rule of thumb is that each club will differ by about 12 to 15 yards.

wind direction and speed are a big factor in determining the club to use for the distance you want.

Most low handicap golfers see the distance with their eyes and that translates into the tempo of their swing , or simply put they are feel golfers .


Get A Grip on your game

The illistrations below show the three basic grips we use , some slight modifications can be helpful with your individual game.

The netural grip lends toward a straighter shot

A weak grip tends to create a fade or slice
The strong grip helps to draw or hook the ball