Direction on the golf course means more than the flight or angle the ball takes after being hit .


It also means starting out the round with a good positive attitute and direction that you want to take for the day and maintaining it through the entire round no matter how frustrating it gets at times, it means knowing the direction you want to take with your next shot prior to waiting for your turn.


These things make your game better and also the other golfers around you will enjoy their game more.


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The golf ball can only move in 3 different directions




The direction is determined by the angle of your swing and your swing plane

an in to out swing will promote a draw or right to left movement


an out to in swing will promote a fade or a left to right movement


a straight ball will only happen when the club face is square at impact and the swing comes straight down the line of your target

Here  is an illistration of the swing plane . The club travels  along the path of the red line , vary from this plane and the ball will move either right or left . When the swing travels below this line you will normally hit a hook, when the swing travels above the line you will hit fades or slices.